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Simulators becoming essential Training Platforms

Executives using the Destiny© marketing simulator in an experiential learning based EMBA course.

Exhibit   Executives using the Destiny© marketing simulator in an experiential learning based EMBA course.

If you practice marketing or teach the subject, you are at the forefront of the transformation of the discipline. You know that practitioners need to be retrained to embrace the new world, and that marketing education too needs to evolve.

The transformation is wide-ranging and functional in nature. Digital migration and the explosion of business data has fundamentally altered the manner we collect, process, analyse and disseminate market intelligence. The increased volume, variety and velocity of information enables marketers to respond with much greater speed, to changes in the marketplace. Market intelligence is timelier, less expensive, and more accurate and more actionable.

The transformation in marketing practice is driven by the spread of analytics. As every element of the marketing mix is sensed, tracked and measured, marketers must be trained in the interpretation of marketing data, and the application of marketing analytics and marketing research methods.

While platforms like MarketingMind provide the right blend of modern-day art and science, and while they impart the knowledge required by today’s marketers, they need to be supplemented with tools that impart experience in the interpretation and the application of marketing analytics.

This is where marketing simulators like Destiny© play a vital role. By telescoping time, they speed up the process of retraining marketing professional.

A key issue is the need to distinguish authentic simulators from the vast number of games that are masquerading as simulators. What educators require are genuine simulators that accurately replicate the marketplace and respond authentically to market dynamics.

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The author, Ashok Charan, is the developer of the Destiny© marketing simulator. He has over 26 years’ industry experience, working at companies like Unilever and Nielsen, and is currently teaching at the NUS Business School.

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